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Quarry Management Consulting CFO’s assist the company management team with implementation and execution of financial processes that lead to immediate improvement of profitability, net income and cash flow.

Quarry Management Consulting CFO’s offer expertise in all areas of the modern CFO agenda. Our clients like small business entrepreneurs, DGA’s, private equity owners and CEO’s can utilize a wide selection of custom tailored solutions and services from the “CFO shop” at any time, and relevant to the needs and wants of their company to maximize the profitability and value of their company.

General Financial Management
  • Periodic Performance Management Reporting (internal & external)
  • Budgeting and multiyear planning
  • Investment and capacity planning and analysis
  • Cash Flow planning and forecasting
  • Enhancement of AO/IC
  • Set-up and restructuring of company Finance Organization

Strategy Implementation and performance enhancement
  • Strategic Planning and Financing
  • Design and implementation of CSF reporting, scorecard and dashboard concepts
  • Working Capital enhancements
  • MVO projects
  • ERP projects
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Finance Structure enhancement

Restructuring and Turn Around management
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Refinancing existing facilities
  • Financial restructuring, downsizing and cost reduction programs
  • Chapter 11 procedures (USA)
  • Crisis management

Financial Consulting
  • Coaching Financial Management (controllers)
  • Sparring partner owner-operators and CEO’s
  • Second opinion and benchmarking
  • Ad Hoc performance optimization

Example 3

A food manufacturing company with international activities sells some of its products in the United States. As a result of increasing demand, the company is considering to produce these products locally in the US. The company’s management needs to determine if it should produce these products in company owned or leased facility, or if it should seek some form of operational alliance with a local third party producer. Quarry Management Consulting has intimate knowledge, experience and contacts in the food manufacturing and processing in the United States of America. In combination with the skills and experience with this type of decision making processes, the Quarry CFO can be very effective to support and guide the company in its US expansion plans.

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Or call Ad Nieuwenhuis 06 1417 3727

Example 1

A family owned company in the industrial technical installation industry has grown dramatically after the oldest son became the primary owner of the company. In the past five years, the new leadership had acquired considerably more projects which resulted in projects throughout the Benelux and adding 6 new project crews. The owner of the company spends his time managing the projects, travelling between the job sites and the acquisition of new projects. The back office organization has not grown proportionally with the increased activities and operations and therefore cannot adequately service the companies’ needs for increased back office support to start and finish the many projects. Job orders and purchase orders are late and often only executed after an intervention by the owner. Information disclosure regarding planning and control of the projects is insufficient, collection of A/R is later then payment on A/P of the same project is due, the financiers are unhappy with the status and quality of the periodic reporting en the individual project performance is unknown or at least not transparent. Quarry Management Consulting delivers in this situation a customized and affordable solution: the part time CFO. On a basis of two days a week, the CFO becomes one with the team and assures a high standard, hands-on and professional finance organization, initiates and monitors adequate implementations of the companies’ AO/IC processes, assures transparent project based management reporting and project performance, coaches the finance manager with controlling the financial processes of the company, initiates proper cash flow planning and forecasting, communicates effectively with the banks and the owners and provides the project leaders with sufficient and timely, accurate and relevant information regarding their project performance.

Do you want more information? Please contact us via the information request form.
Or call Ad Nieuwenhuis 06 1417 3727

Example 2

A fast growing company in the ship building industry is considering expanding its production capacity by investing in a new construction hall in its own yard. De Companies Finance Manager is requested to prepare a full investment analysis of the project, considering multiple scenarios’s including the fact that production in the current yard needs to continue uninterrupted. For such a project, Quarry Management Consulting will provide a seasoned CFO with relevant and hands-on experience with this type of challenge. The Quarry CFO supports and coaches the Finance Manager in his efforts to provide the necessary management decision support, he acts as a sparring partner to the CEO of the Company and assures that a well balanced and transparent investment decision support document is produced and efficiently communicated with all stakeholders inside and outside the Company. The added value of the Quarry CFO is a clear and well presented investment strategy is defined, communicated and executed in relative short period of time.

Do you want more information? Please contact us via the information request form.
Or call Ad Nieuwenhuis 06 1417 3727


Successful and growing mid-size Companies have an increased need for professional services and support from a professional and experienced CFO to assist the Company in dealing with the incremental complexity of today’s strategic and financial challenges. Too often, the existing finance department is not adequately equipped to provide the Company with support and advise regarding the increasingly complex dynamic within the decision making processes and parameters that it faces on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, hiring a highly trained and experienced CFO is not always a possibility due to the high cost of such a leader and budgetary constraints. Outsourcing of specific strategic and tactical CFO roles and responsibilities might offer a solution. Quarry Management Consulting offers tailor made solutions that fit the Companies needs and its budget.

Part-time CFO services can provide an important added value for fast growing small to mid-sized companies. In an effort to control the cost of high value financial management, the Quarry CFO can be retained on an hourly/daily basis. This allows for more permanent inclusion of the CFO with the company’s management and understanding of the operational effectiveness. It further fosters the initiation of communication patterns with management, owners, financiers and other stakeholders. The cost of this part-time CFO service is scalable, so adjustment to needs and wants of the company.

The finance professionals of Quarry Management Consulting are very flexible and deliver highly skilled and professional CFO services, tailored to need of the company in a cost effective and bottom line conscious manner. The Quarry CFO enters the company with a limited and well defined mandate. The project is clearly defined, responsibilities well communicated and the deliverables are transparent. Maximum return on investment for the company is delivered with a well documented, clearly written and to-the-point job report and/or CFO advice at a cost that is fair and affordable.